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The following list of services is prepared as a guide. The extent of services may be modified to accommodate the client’s requirements

• Consultation with client to determine initial design or procurement needs.
• Evaluation and research of client’s needs in order to offer detailed solutions.
• Preparation of detailed evaluation and research information for client presentation.
• Preparation of preliminary budget and cost estimates required for procurement of interior furnishings.
• Preparation and/or presentation drawings, sample boards, and other materials illustrating design concepts, color schemes, floor and wall coverings, as well as other design treatments.
• Specification development for products purchased through Spaces, Inc. or for outside competitive bidding situations.
• Installation services provided for furniture, lighting, wall coverings, floor coverings, and accessories.
Specifications and Design

All project specifications and installation drawings are computer generated utilizing AutoCAD 2014 and CAP specification software. Typical workstations are developed in both plan view and three-dimensional layouts. Specifications are generated by workstation typicals to assure that all component requirements are met within the individual workstations. Overall installation drawings are labeled to identify size and type of component required.

Product Delivery

Furniture product will ship directly to the job site based on construction completion and/or building availability. We request that our Installation Manager be involved as early as possible in construction meetings to assure that delivery is phased properly. Shipments will be coordinated with the factory to have specific components arrive in the logical order of the installation process (i.e. panels and electrical first, allowing other trades access to complete data and communication wiring before work surfaces and drawers are assembled.) Any damage occurring in shipment will be noted on the shipping documents and replacement product will be ordered within 24 hours.


Spaces, Inc. has 5 factory certified installers as well as an additional pool of non- skilled labor to supplement the installation process. If requested, Spaces, Inc. will provide a certified instructor on site to train their clients’ employees on how to make reconfiguration adjustments to the furniture.

Punch List Procedures

A walk-through will be scheduled with the Owner, Spaces’ Project Manager, and Spaces’ Installation Manager at the completion of each phase, and punch list items will be completed immediately. If replacement product is required, we will make accommodations with loaner product until replacement product arrives (normally 2-3 weeks).

Asset Management/Storage

Spaces, Inc. offers comprehensive and complete asset management services, supported by specialized software that integrates bar code technology, color digital imagery, and inventory reporting. Having a current inventory of assets and their condition will prevent unnecessary purchases, maximize usage, and help in planning for new furniture purchases. Additionally, our management system can assist in providing data for depreciation schedules, insurance valuation and cost center allocation.

• Installation services provided for furniture, lighting, wall coverings, floor coverings, and accessories.
• Barcode-based Tracking
• Computerized Inventory Management
• Cost Allocation
• Design Software Interfaces
• Disposal, Acquisition, and Valuation
• Onsite Furniture Inventories
• Web Access
• Secure Facilities
• Management by Furniture Professionals

Furniture Storage

When short-term storage is the need, Spaces, Inc. provides value priced, easy access storage service. Unlike asset management, storage service does not include monthly reports, product condition information or real-time item accounting.

Relocation Management

Our corporate relocation professionals take on the logistical planning and move management functions, allowing you to focus on your company’s business priorities. Corporate relocation is a profoundly important undertaking that affects every area of a company’s operations. No single person or department within the corporation will have the timely knowledge, specialized skills, and considerable time necessary to plan and coordinate a successful relocation. Our priority is to carefully and precisely orchestrate the vast number of elements and processes, bringing them together as a smooth, well-managed process with minimum disruption to your business.

• Assessment & Planning
• Bid Preparation & Comparison
• Vendor Management
• Preparation and Communication
• Technical & Business Support Systems
• Cost Containment Auditing